Core Team


Lead/Founding Pastor

Jeffery & Joanne Portmann

We moved to Puyallup in July of 2013 to begin the faith adventure of starting newhope church. We exist to present hope and develop people. High school sweethearts, we’ve been dating for over 30 years and have two sons Justus and Josiah. We love spending time with family and at the beach in Hawaii (Joanne was born there). Lifelong learners, Jeffery has a Doctorate of Ministry and Joanne is working on a PhD. in Education. Thai food is our favorite, and travel, speaking, developing leaders, most sports, shave-ice, and a good movie pour life into us.

Jeffery - :: Instagram | Twitter
Joanne -  :: Instagram | Twitter


Director of Operations & Women’s Ministry Director

Jeremy & Marissa Frisinger

I have my role at newhope because I’m the kind of person who actually enjoys numbers, spreadsheets, and lists. In our spare time, my wife Marissa and I root for the Seahawks and Mariners, and I love playing fantasy sports... which is glorious because it combines sports and numbers! My favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, and I eat Peanut Butter Captain crunch everyday for breakfast even though I don’t like peanut butter.  |


Creative Arts Pastor & Community Groups Pastor

Adam & Annie Roberts

We are convinced that the local church is God's plan to bring the hope of Jesus into our communities and we want to spend our lives in that pursuit.  Adam is passionate about using creativity to offer glimpses of the glory of God, and curating stories of redemption and hope. Annie has spent the last fifteen years developing and resourcing leaders and cares deeply about helping people find community while growing closer to Jesus. Our daughter, Quinn, is the raddest kid ever.  We love a good board game, prefer our peanut butter chunky, and disagree about the humor of "dad jokes". :: Facebook | Instagram :: Facebook | Instagram 



Communications & Marketing Director

Emily Smith

My love for ministry grew as a volunteer throughout middle school, high school, and college, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  I have a passion to help facilitate God’s work so that as many people as possible can know the love of Jesus Christ.

I am from Maryland where most of my family still resides. In Puyallup, I have my husband, Paul, who I met while leading technical production teams. We also have a dog, Brutus, and two cats to round it out. 

Fun facts about Emily: I love the PNW weather (especially the rain), videos games and board games are my favorite way to spend time with family & friends, if napping was an Olympic sport I’d have a gold medal, and I make really, really good Italian food from scratch. :: Facebook | Instagram



newhope Kids Lead

Amy Howarth

Logan and I love people & love families! So it’s only fitting that we help develop families to love and follow Jesus and we love calling newhope Silverdale our home campus! 

We met in 2007, got married on 8-8-08 and then had three kids: Ace 2011, Amily 2013, and Amberose 2016. Fun fact: Amberose holds the record at Silverdale hospital as biggest baby born at 13lbs 2oz! 

We love to have people over, eat, talk & play games! Logan loves to build & create and I love to read. And we love to do fun adventures with our three awesome kiddos! :: Facebook


Development Pastor

Heidi Keeler

Both of us have a passion for helping people grow in their understanding of who Jesus is and how He has created each of us to walk with Him and live out the purposes He has created us for. That is why we love newhope church - it is all about those two things!

We have two young daughters, so there is constant energy, singing, dancing and activity going on in our house!

We love to travel, eat Thai food, remodel houses, & watch Fixer Upper!


Justus Portmann

Youth Pastor

I am a Washington native that has spent the last 4 years studying in Lakeland Florida at Southeastern University. My heart is to create community that young people feel safe to be themselves within. While also igniting and equipping a generation to share the gospel.


Marriage Mentor Directors

Wendell & Jen Skar

We  met each other on a blind date and were married in 2007. Wendell works for Starbucks in store development and Jen is an elementary teacher. We have a son named Brayden who keeps us busy.  As a family we love to golf and travel.

We have spent the past 10 years mentoring married couples.  We have a heart to see every marriage thrive!  From couples struggling in their marriage, to those thriving but need to continue with maintenance, to those just walking down the aisle, we want every couple to know they are not alone.  Marriage is a crazy, amazing, adventure, and we are honored to be able to walk along side of you on your journey. |

South Hill Campus Team


Elementary Director

Sarah Boyer

I believe that helping kids understand that Jesus loves them, and encouraging them to love others is an incredibly important task. It is a privilege to serve in Elementary and be a part of what is happening at newhope.

Eric and I are high school sweethearts that have been married since 2006 and have four children, Noah, Grace, Micah, and Faith.

In my opinion, almost every activity is better while drinking a cup of coffee, and you can never have too many pairs of running shoes or flip flops.


South Hill Kids Director

Jill Thaut

Steve and I met at church 28 years ago and have been married 25 years.   We have three kids, Jake, Emily and Jonny.  Jake is pursuing a career as a firefighter. Emily is a Senior at Rogers High School, and Jonny (our bonus child) is a 6th grader at Woodland Elementary.  We love spending time with family! Vacations and holidays are our favorite!  God has always placed children on my heart, and we as a family are excited to be part of newhope kids!


Early Childhood Director

Amy Walsworth

I was born and raised in New Hampshire close to the Atlantic Ocean. I met my husband, Bill, at a church party on Memorial day 2011. We were married August 2013. God called us to move from NH to WA in July 2015. I drove full across the country with ALL of our earthly possessions in my tiny little 2 door Toyota Yaris hatchback. Once in WA, we quickly fell in love with the community, teachings and people of newhope.

We love how important the kids ministry is to the church! We look forward to raising our daughter (born March 2018) here at newhope! We love to play together as a family, watch TV or go exploring. I'm always ready for another beach day, they can't ever come soon enough!


Nursery Director

Marissa Budge

I love that I am one of the first people who gets to help teach “our” kids about God and how great he is. My husband, John, and I were married in June in 2011, and we have 4 kids combined (Riley is 16, Logan 7, Anna 5, and Addie our foster to adopt baby was born December 2017).  We are so happy to call newhope our second home.  I don’t normally share this, but I can touch my nose with my tongue…shhhh don’t tell anyone (my daughter Anna can as well).


Hospitality Directors/Pastoral Care

Jeff & Mary Lincicum

We met in 1972 and were married in 1977.  Yes, we know that many of you were not even born then.  We have two grown children and two grandchildren that we take care of full time.  Grandkids either keep you young or make you old depending on the day.  God has blessed us greatly and our mission is to give those blessings back to others.


Men’s Ministry Director

Bob Rester

It seems like Deb & I have known each other forever. She sat down next to me in Church on a Sunday morning in 1975 & that was the end of that story. We have been together ever since. We have been married for 41 years & have 3 Children. They have in turn given us 8 Grandchildren.

As Men’s Ministry Director, it’s my goal to provide the men of newhope with as many opportunities to engage in relationship with each other as possible. We believe that those relationships will strengthen both their walk with Jesus & the Church.

Welk_edit (400).jpg

Teaching Pastor

Les Welk

We met at Northwest University as college sweethearts and have been married since 1975. We have 3 grown kids and 7 grandchildren. We have a deep love and passion for the work of the local church and have spent most of our lives serving the church in one capacity or another. We spent 18 years at a large church in Seattle and served as the Network Leaders for the Northwest Ministry Network for 20 years. Currently, we are dedicated to the work of caring for leaders so they are strong to care for others.  We serve as pastoral counselors with Ministry Resources International. 

We are avid Mariners & Seahawks fans… Go Hawks!

South Kitsap Campus Team


South Kitsap Lead Pastor

Scott & Angela Fenton

When we felt called to plant a church in South Kitsap, we knew we did not want to do it alone! newhope's culture of multiplication "5in5" and a clear and compelling purpose to present Hope and develop people is what drew us to newhope! Married for 16 years to my wife Angela, we have two pretty cool kids, Elle 14yrs and Luke 12yrs. We also have two dogs  Moose and Millie whom we consider family as well. We are proudly Disneyland junkies and probably care way too much about the Seahawks and the Mariners. :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


SK Creative Arts Lead & SK Community Groups Director

Brittany & Nick Waldbillig

Nick and I met in 2014 and were married in August 2016. We just welcomed our baby boy Milo into the world and are loving this time together as we start a family (it really is the greatest). Nick and I love the mission and heart of newhope and are thrilled to be a part of the team. We were both raised in South Kitsap and I am a SK Gal all the way! We love the Hawks, our pupper dogs, and Mexican food. Fact: I believe one can be both a cat and dog person. Also Fact: I have always been a little afraid of the Easter Bunny.


SK Youth Director & Early Childhood Director

Matt & Shanelle LaCombe

We first met and “dated” back in junior high. We took a 12 year break, then found each other on Instagram and started falling in love. We have been married since 2013. We have 4 kids, Kaden, Makayla, Kennedy, and Karly. We were both raised in and have a huge heart for South Kitsap. Our family loves to watch movies, play outside, root for the Seahawks, make chocolate milk, eat popcorn, do art projects; and laugh a lot!!! We love being a part of the team at newhope. |


Communications & Production Director

Lehua Tandal

In 2016, Isaac and I felt the Lord prompting us to move from our home in Honolulu, Hawaii out here to Washington.  We saw a sign on the side of the road for newhope Church and immediately believed that being and serving at newhope would be a key factor of our new life in Washington. 

In my spare time, I like to create. Whether it’s things like practicing  some sketching, hand-lettering, or wood burning, I like to see what my imagination can come up with. 

I have some very strange food rules. Some of those being... I don’t like peanuts but I love peanut butter, I don’t like the taste of coffee but I love coffee ice cream, and I absolutely hate tomatoes but I put ketchup on almost everything.


Pastor to the Pastors & SK Advisor

Ray & Sandy Jennings

We have been married for 53 years and have served together in various ministry roles, including 46 years in pastoral ministry. We are the parents of three adult children, eleven grandchildren and two great grandchildren. We enjoy Hawaii, motorcycling, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Español Campus Team


newhope Español Lead Pastor

Victor & Sue Rivera

Our desire is to glorify God by serving and developing others, challenging them to become what the Lord has declared them to be. We have been serving in ministry for over 23 years while dedicating many years reaching and developing the Hispanic community. We have been married for 32 years, have three adult children and three grandsons. Sue is an Oncology Nurse Navigator. In this early stage of our campus she currently leads the Translation and First Impressions teams. Vacationing in the Caribbean is a must but we really enjoy staycations, hiking and exploring the northwest.

newhope español is currently meeting Sundays, 11am. :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


newhope Español Worship Leader

Hector Farias

I was born in Argentina and I have two beautiful girls. God called me to worship Him when I was 10 years old in a kids’ service. At that moment I knew that my life would belong to Him. My passion is to worship and to praise our Lord Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth. newhope has been a confirmation to my prayers and it is now my church and my home. My dream is to develop and to connect new leaders in His truth, influencing our worship culture around the world. :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Silverdale Campus Team


Silverdale Lead Pastor

Josh & Lacy Sperry

Lacy and I believe that we have been placed in ministry to build others up! One of my greatest passions is having the opportunity to develop, encourage, and empowering others to go places they might not have ever gone on their own. We embrace the idea of being better together in ministry and this is how we live out people becoming the church. 

We are a family of six! You read that correctly, two boys and two girls. We have adopted two of our children and two of them are biological. We like to be active and keep things even! 

I also love to nerd out on board games with friends. The idea of being snowed in a cabin with a hot fire, friends, and board games is just short of heaven to me! :: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


Silverdale Nursery Director & Tech and Operations Director/Silverdale Advisor

Brandi & Nathan Patrick

We feel so blessed to be a part of these exciting days in Silverdale. Brandi has always loved working with kids, and believes the nursery should be a fun and safe environment, overflowing with God's love. Nathan was in the Navy for 16 years and he loves being able to bring his technical and leadership experience to the table in support of this exciting mission.

Together, we have 5 children, Zoe, Jaxin, Zayne, Kolten, and Oliver, ages 16 to 4, and have been married for 14 years. We are huge soccer fans, Go Sounders! Our only pets are fish...we have 4 fish tanks!!! 

Fun fact: Brandi is only 4'11" and so far, 2 of our kids are taller than her! |


Silverdale Youth Pastor

Kirstie Weeks

Garrett and I have been married for four years and are overjoyed at the privilege of joining the newhope team. This community drew us in with the mission to share the hope of Jesus and commitment to raising up leaders. Furthermore, the pastoral care ministry answers a deep desire we share to help disciple believers on a lifelong, flourishing journey following Christ.

After moving from Southern California, we’ve been living at Island Lake Camp for the past two years where Garrett works as the Dirt Bike Program Lead (yes, that is a real job). We are so blessed to be surrounded with opportunities at Camp to reach people that may never show up to church on a Sunday morning. We love spending time with family and friends and also shamelessly enjoy wasting many hours with Settlers of Catan, Dr. Who, and/or Star Wars.