Ezekiel 2:2

Verse: “And as he spoke to me, the Spirit entered into me and set me on my feet, and I heard him speaking to me.

Insight: Sometimes what we need most in order to “get back on our feet”, is not necessarily a handout, or a loan, or even a place to lay our head, or any well-intentioned remedy, really - what we need is for the Spirit of God to enter us! That is when we get to hear Him speaking to us. Jesus said that we would receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us (Acts 1:8) The Holy Spirit leads, He guides, He helps, and He is the Spirit of wisdom. Jesus raised people to their feet over and over again in the Gospels (Matt 8:15, Mark 2:11, Luke 5:23, 17:19, et al), showing us the Father’s heart. The apostles followed Christ’s example, and continued to put people back on their feet again by the power of the Holy Spirit (Acts 3:1-10, 20:7-12). Would you be open to allowing the Holy Spirit to get you back on your feet again, in whatever area of life that may be?

Prayer: Holy Spirit, I can clearly see from Scripture that it is your loving will to put people back on their feet again. Would your please enter me, set me back on my feet again, and let me hear You speaking to me? Thank you so much, Lord.

Martin McCrory